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Support North Central Washington

You can help support North Central Washington by donating at either of the links below.

Community Foundation of North Central Washington - 2015 Fire Relief Fund

Wildland Firefighter Foundation

You can help support community wildfire preparedness and recovery through the CWSC here


5 Things To Do Before A Wildfire:

  1. Harden your home by replacing flammable siding, roof and deck materials with non-combustible materials.
  2. Replace vent screens with 1/8" or smaller metal mesh.
  3. Clear brush from along your driveway to allow better access for emergency vehicles and make sure your address sign is clearly visible (e.g. reflective numbering).
  4. Clean roofs, gutters and decks (move flammable furniture, remove dead branches and pine needles).
  5. Move wood piles at lease 30 feet away from structures.

Quick Tips for Emergency Preparedness

  1. Make a kit for your family!  Follow the CWSC on Facebook for #makeakitMonday and assemble your kit week by week.
  2. Make a kit and have plan for your pets!
  3. Create a home inventory.  Use the State Farm Home Inventory Checklist!
  4. Have a plan!  Know at least two ways out of your home and neighborhood and PRACTICE. 
  5. Prepare your kids at a level appropriate for their age.